Monday, 20 February 2012

Chapter 1

So now that I've taken care of the basics - introduction and bio - let's jump right to the good stuff.

Nah - I lied.. Here's a little more back story first. 

I don't usually make resolutions of any kind, let alone New Year ones. However, I found myself sitting alone, quietly on January 1st of this year, thinking about life and living and all of that other wonderful stuff that comes into one's head at 12:05AM on the dawn of a new year... and something popped into my brain.

Instead of wondering about my health, or my relationships, or my career... I was actually thinking about the book that I was currently reading... and trying to think of what I had been reading last year at this time... and doing a poor job of trying to wade through the last 12 months worth of literary garbage that I had crammed into my skull.

And that's when it hit me... I really should pay more attention to what kind of stuff I'm putting into my head. I mean - I worry everyday about the food that I eat, and the chemicals/lotions that I keep from my skin - so why not worry about the type of stuff that I've been digesting with my mind?

Coming from a once-upon-a-time Communications and Philosophy student, you'd think that I would already be more aware of this sort of thing, and in fact, I believe that I strongly USED to be more careful. But over the years since graduation, I guess that I got slack in my guard duties. Things got busy, and I just dropped the ball.

Hell.. Let's just face it.

I got lazy.

My life, for a short while, wasn't really going anywhere - I was stuck on a plateau of some sort - so in order to fill the hole, I started to gobble up whatever literature came my way... More so than usual, that is.

I can't tell you the number of stand-alones and series that I picked up and swallowed over the course of several years, but let's just say that they were many, and they all had one thing in common.

They were bland.

Not that the writing itself or the stories were bland, but the fact that I just took them in without really processing them... Well, it wasn't done for pleasure or for education, but more as something done to pass the time.

Since that day, not only did I decide to actually track the novels that I read - writing down their titles and author names, and a note or two about the story itself - but I also promised to think more about what I was reading. If there was a moral or something that I could gleam from it, that could help me along in my every day life, or if I could just pick up a book and read it thoroughly - enjoying its full flavour before jumping into the next dish.

With that said, here I am... tracking.. tasting.. thinking... I might not actually get anything out of this other than a few good thoughts, but better one or two than a mind full of junk with no way of using any of it.

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