Tuesday, 27 March 2012



What if the entire Internet went down... At once?

The world believes Ray Vance released the worst computer virus in history. The virus adapts and evolves like a biological creature in order to survive. Many believe it is a new life form, but one designed with an evil purpose. As the sun sets on our technological world and the entire Internet shuts down, Vance runs from the feds. He must save his family, stop the virus... and stay alive.

This Technothriller is a full 71,000 word long novel, by award-winning author B. V. Larson.

Eh. Overall, the book was O.K. The first half was actually really good, but then the author rushed through the ending, and left things hanging. I bet that there's a sequel to follow... There'd better be, with an ending like that!

What really peeved me off was that the book wasn't REALLY about the crash of the Internet.   Sure, it was happening, but it was more of a secondary story than the actual plot. What a misleading synopsis!

The one thing that I did actually like - which was in the first part of the book and then fizzled off - was the description of the virus, how it worked, and what chaos it was likely to cause once fully released. Sadly, that's when the whole "Vance running from the Feds, trying to save his family and stay alive" bit took over and we never do find out if the virus wreaked as much destruction as promised.

2 out of 5, folks. Not worth it, unless you're good with just reading 1/3 of the novel...

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