Tuesday, 27 March 2012



What if the entire Internet went down... At once?

The world believes Ray Vance released the worst computer virus in history. The virus adapts and evolves like a biological creature in order to survive. Many believe it is a new life form, but one designed with an evil purpose. As the sun sets on our technological world and the entire Internet shuts down, Vance runs from the feds. He must save his family, stop the virus... and stay alive.

This Technothriller is a full 71,000 word long novel, by award-winning author B. V. Larson.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

LastLight / AfterLight

Last Light

"Very few people saw it coming, everyone seemed to busy to care…  
It’s just a temporary halt in oil production – but within days, the implications are devastating. Andy Sutherland, a civilian engineer, is stranded in Iraq, determined to find a way home to his family. His wife, Jenny, never took Andy’s warnings about a potential oil crisis seriously but now, as she tries to reach her children, his words come back to her with terrifying clarity.
   Teenager Leona is desperately trying to keep her younger brother safe, until her parents return. But events are spiraling out of control with food riots, looting, rape and worse.  

Then Andy realizes there is a plan behind this apocalypse – someone is after him, or his family, for what he knows…

The world lies devastated after the massive oil crisis that was described in LAST LIGHT. Human society has more or less entirely broken down and millions lie dead of starvation and disease. There are only one or two beacon communities that have managed to fashion a new way of living. Jenny Sutherland runs one of these groups. Based on a series of decaying offshore oil-rigs - for safety - a few hundred people have rebuilt a semblance of normality in this otherwise dead world. But as her and her people start to explore their surroundings once again, they start to realise not every survivor has the same vision of a better future than their catastrophic past. There are people out there who would take everything they have. War is coming, and the stakes are truly massive...